Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Lovers' Guide 7: What Women Really Want

The Lovers' Guide--What Women Really Want is part whistle-stop tour of modern female aspirations, part uninhibited and fast moving sex education documentary. Introduced by Dr Sarah Humphrey and unfolding like a video version of Cosmopolitan the five "chapters" cover "What Women Want From … Life, Their Bodies, Sex, Their Lover and Their Relationship". Vox pops from a variety of women preface sex sequences with different couples which cover safe sex, masturbation and becoming orgasmic, oral sex (receiving and giving) and the advantages of various positions for intercourse. 3-D computer models show what happens inside a woman's body during sex and there is enough information to give a better understanding of female sexuality to both women and men.
Unfortunately, in trying to be all things to all women and cover virtually all generally acceptable forms of sexuality--including lesbianism, bisexuality, fantasy, anal sex and a mention of bondage and sado-masochism--the programme does what it accuses men of: rushes to the end without giving full satisfaction. At 55 minutes, including a gratuitous pop video finale, longer would have been better as matters such as pregnancy, children and ageing are rapidly dispensed with and there is not a single mention of marriage. 

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