Monday, April 4, 2011

5 Steps to Unforgettable Sex

Better Sex – 5 Steps To Unforgettable Sex
English | 120mins | 688x288 | 25fps | XviD | MP3 - 131kbs | 1.46 GB
Genre: Drama | Romance

Whether you’re an accomplished lover, or striving to spice up your sex life, 5 Steps to Unforgettable Sex will help put you in the master class.
Voluptuous host Alex Marchand (played by Lisa Comshaw) illustrates five easy steps to reaching new heights of sexual fulfilment and passion.

Learn the current wisdom of leading experts in the field.

Follow the adventures of three contemporary couples. Gary and Suzanna re-discover intimacy after the birth of their second child. Steffi unlocks the keys to David’s sensuality, while Irene helps Vince overcome performance anxiety.

The essential guide features iseful information, humourous moments, and an extra measure of hot, passionate encounters, it is the DVD to share with your lover.

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