Saturday, April 2, 2011

Demonic Confidence by Lucas West

Demonic Confidence by Lucas West
Lucas | ISBN: N/a | 2008 | MP3/128kbps | 143 Mb
Demonic Confidence is like restarting your inner mental computer with a faster, cleaner operating system. You'll have better access to your subconscious, think clearer, and approach women with the greatest of ease.
After the three weeks, you never have to do anything again. You don't have to "boost" it, or go through any daily ritual. The installed emotional states will be automatic and permanent, not something you have to pop into place before talking to a girl.
Take a look at this list of behaviors and tell me if any of them sound familiar:
# Do you need a "perfection of understanding" before you act? Do you need to have all the tools before you do something? Do you use this as an excuse not to approach women, because you haven't "fully" learned how to approach them?

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