Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Lovers' Guide 1: The Original Guide to Love and Sex

   As you may have guessed, The Lover's Guide: The Original Guide To Love And Sex is a documentary on a subject that shapes and influences the life of not only every human, but indeed every mammal on the planet. While the copyright notice on this DVD places the production date in the early 1990s, this documentary has apparently been in circulation for much longer than that, and this is supposedly one of the best in this much-maligned genre. Much of this documentary focusses upon the psychological side of sex and sexuality, quite rightly stating that it is just as important as the physical side, if not more (in my humble opinion). Numerous topics are covered in this documentary, which I won't repeat because I'm really here to tell you about the transfer.
    If I could sum up my impression of the film itself in one word, it would be "amusing". The documentary, written and narrated by Doctor Andrew Stanway, seems to labour under a belief that humans are much more methodical and calculating about their sex lives than they really are. In any case, what I have to say about the plot is not going to sway you one way or another, so I will get down into the transfer side of things.

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